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Headache Specialist

Trinity Pain Medicine Associates

Board Certified Pain Management & Board Certified Anesthesiology located in Fort Worth, TX


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Headache pain can be one of the most debilitating symptoms a patient has to experience. Light-sensitivity, sound-sensitivity, nausea and vomiting can all go along with a diagnosis of migraine. As can a symptom called, scotoma; where the patient experiences changes in their vision that can include spots and flashes of light immediately prior to the start of a headache. Chronic headache is where the patient experiences headaches on greater than 12-15 days of the month. Intractable headaches or migraines are those that cannot be relieved by any means, including various rescue medications. These headaches can vary from slight annoyances to ones that are so severe they impede a patient’s ability to go about their daily life. The causes of headaches can be many and multifactorial. The solutions can be the same. Preventative medications can lower the frequency but sometimes it takes interventional procedures to break the cycle of headaches and allow the patient some aspect of relief. The physicians at TPMA are well versed in all of these various treatments. These can include preventive medications, PREEMPT Botox therapy, differential diagnostic blocks as well as more permanent advanced solutions.